Now Design your Website with UI/UX

At Raxcels Web Solutions we do custom Design based on the theme of the business. We provide you best design that suits your Business

Our Designs

Designs always make your brand unique among other competitors. Now it’s your time to give a brand identity. Check out what we do in designing

Web Designing

Application Designing

Social Media Post Design

Logo Designing


3D Design

Award Winning Websites

We Understand the need of our client and design will impact the business a lot. All we do is design as per the client requirment and our creativity that make your design feels awesome

We Design for Mobile Plaforms, too.

Raxcels Web Solutions provides you UI/UX Design where the designes are compact in tablets and mobile phone. Our Designers can be used in mobile which can be best suited for any devices.

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We Make Your Website Work Everywhere.

We not only create a website but also provide web hosting which are speed and can work anywhere in the world. Website designing is just not enough nowadays you have to provide your website on multiple platforms so that it can be easily accessed by the people located in different regions.

We have served many small, medium and large scale companies of different types. Our motto is to provide 100% customer satisfaction. We at Raxcels Web Solutions work with professionalism, integrity, trustworthiness and dedication of providing best services of web designing

Our Trademarked

We at Raxcels Web Solutions offers our client ‘s trademarked process and workflow that helps us to design, develop and deploy the website in a very short time period while meeting all the client’s requirement. We have a team of expert professionals who are able to work on different web development frameworks and CMS.

Process & Work Flow:

1. Meet with our web strategists to discuss all your needs and requirements.

2. Strategist will do the research on the topics discussed by you and will propose a business plan according to it. Business Plan will consist of following features: Your vision, mission statement, objectives etc.

3. Strategist along with creative team will draft a rough sketch of your website. This rough sketch will be reviewed by you and changes will be made accordingly.

4. Once the rough draft is approved by your company , strategists will put the same in HTML format and send it to you for review.

5. Once review of website is done and approved by you, it will be put in the final format and launched.

This entire process is very smooth and helps us to provide

Project Research

In-depth interviews with your team, as well as reviews of your website and/or app


Detailed wireframes that illustrate how the finished website or app will look and function


1. Designs that reflect the look and feel you want for your website or app


Development of the mobile-friendly website or app

Let’s Work Together

We with you have a goal to reach the audience for your Niche. Let’s get connected and achieve the goal from online business